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For your convenience, you may print this shoe form out and turn in on your first night of class to receive your shoes within two weeks, or mail with your check made out to Dynasty Dance Studios to: 1004 lake shore drive, Beaver Dam, WI 53916 by September 3 to have your shoes in by your first class!

Non-Competition (team) students are not required to purchase their shoes from the studio but we offer this as a convenience. If you are not planning to purchase your shoes through the studio, please note the correct colors and style shoes for each class.

A second shoe order- along with tights will be available at our second shoe order in January!

All Ballet Classes: PreBallet, Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4, Pointe - Ballet Pink Tight (Ballet Tight)

Girls: Pink Leather Ballet Shoe

Boys: Black Leather Ballet Shoe

All Jazz and Hip Hop Classes: Black Footed Tights

Black Jazz Shoe

All Lyrical & Contemporary Classes: Tan Footless Tights

Turning Shoe

All Tap Classes: Black Footed Tights

Beginner Tap & Combo Class : Beginner Tap Shoe

8+ Tap Dancers: Tap 2 Shoe


DANCER NAME_______________________________________ | MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO DDS | STREET SHOE SIZE____________

“X” the shoe and tight needed

___Beginner Tap $35

___Tap 2 Shoe $70

___Turning Shoe $35

___Black jazz $45

___Tan jazz $45

___Ballet $25 (circle one:   Pink    Black  )

All dancers on ANY competition team are REQUIRED to have shoes purchased through the studio. Shoes are ordered twice a year- In September and in January. Please understand that I am not a shoe salesperson but I do this a courtesy to my customers and if there is an exchange that needs to be made it is a $5.00 exchange/return/restocking fee...

Parent Initial________

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